William Lachowsky B.A., B.Ed., B.Sc., M.Sc., OCT Food Safety, Training Consultant and Instructional Designer


Meet Bill

Food Processing Skills Canada and STAC have provided you with access to a “Student Coach”. With more than 30 years experience in teaching and mentoring students young and old, academic and professional, Bill knows how to identify where your employees may be struggling and will communicate answers back so they make sense – no gobbledy goop. All questions are welcome from, “I don’t even know how to get started,” “what does click the mouse mean,” to “I don’t understand the content in this course.”


Bill is an expert in delivering food safety, education and training to Canadian and American governments, universities, producers, food processors and international organisations.

He has collaborated with the US Food and Drug Association on the development of the Intentional Adulteration Rule Food Defense Awareness and the Preventive Controls for Human Food Programs and is a member of the International Association of Food Prevention professional development groups for Food Safety Education, and Food Defence as well as a Lead Instructor for Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance certificate programs for the Preventive Controls for Human Food and the Foreign Supplier Verification Program.

As a Project Manager of the food safety eLearning courses and Lead Instructor at the Food Processing Skills Canada (FSPC) for the Succeeding at Work (SAW), Bill developed, delivered, and evaluated the global Pre-Arrival Food Safety Management Training Program.  He worked with Mohawk College and Goodwill to deliver the Food and Beverage Accelerated Skills Training program (FAST).

Additionally, Bill was Food Safety Education Coordinator for the online global Loblaw Academy and External Representative on the Sanofi-Pasteur Animal Care Committee. He also developed the on-line HACCP eLearning course for NSF International.

Promoting food safety, traceability and quality standards to producers and processors at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Supervisor of the Dairy Quality Unit at the Ontario Central Milk Testing Laboratory are also on the list of Bill’s accomplishments.