With Acahkos coaching & training, employers and employees are introduced to an incredible new strategy to build resilience and confidence in their workforce.

Welcome to the Acahkos Supervisor Hybrid eLearning Program, where we aim to guide you toward becoming a shining star in social-emotional learning supervisory management. Our Acahkos Program is a social-emotional learning solution designed specifically for supervisors. Acahkos, meaning “a star” in the Cree language, reflects our belief that every supervisor has the potential to shine brightly in their role with the right tools and support. 

This blended learning program combines the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of virtual webinar interactions to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a series of webinars covering topics such as Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Team Building, Receiving and Providing Feedback, Maintaining Open Conversation, Coaching Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Interpersonal Leadership Skills.  

The Acahkos Webinar Series (attendance is required)

Webinar 1

Discover the Concepts of Emotional Intelligence

By the end of this webinar, you will have a clear understanding of what the Acahkos Program entails and the tools you need to succeed in your social-emotional learning journey

Webinar 2

Communication in the Workplace

Once webinar 2 is completed you will have received practical examples for feedback, coaching and guidance, and learned strategies to become an effective supervisor using the OFTA model.

Webinar 3

Coaching Skills and Wrap-Up

Your final webinar will leave you with valuable insights into emotional Intelligence, training and practical tools on feedback such as OFTA and EICOACH models, as well as, strategies on how to apply these skills in your role as a supervisor.

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to apply what you learn to real-world scenarios, receive engaging social learning through webinars, and learn about effective feedback and coaching skills.  

By the end of the program, you will have gained the knowledge and social-emotional skills needed to excel in a supervisory role and shine like a star in your organization. 

The value of Acahkos training to your workforce

Acahkos is a social-emotional learning solution designed by Food Processing Skills Canada that provides supervisors with the tools and training needed to build confidence, manage relationships and better understand the motivations of themselves and their colleagues and team members. Acahkos training consists of online learning courses and a series of three webinars that serve as touchpoints to support supervisors in their learning journey.

Acahkos Training Highlights

  • Essential skills in social-emotional learning, including effective communication, conflict resolution, and leadership,
  • A goal-driven learning experience facilitated by the Acahkos star.
  • Real-world scenarios and practical tips for applying what you learn.
  • Peer discussions and engagement activities.
  • Emotional intelligence coaching and support.
  • Acahkos check-ins to monitor progress and ensure success.

Register and attend a webinar (bring your workbook)

  • Acahkos Webinar 1 – Discover the Concepts of Emotional Intelligence

Online learning

1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

2. Knowing and Handling My Emotions

3. Adaptability in the Workplace

4. Empathy at Work

5. Interpersonal Relationships for Workplace Success

Register and attend a webinar (bring your workbook)

  • Acahkos Webinar 2 – Communication in the Workplace

Online learning

1. The Spark Within

2. Coaching for Success

3. Positive Attitudes in the Workplace

4. Problem Solving

Register and attend a webinar (bring your workbook)

  • Acahkos Webinar 3 – Coaching Skills and Wrap-Up

Benefits of Acahkos Training


Learned things about themselves


Self-confidence at work improved


Learned things that will help outside of work


Learned things to help them be a better co-worker

I like the Acahkos program and use it daily at work. My team tend to listen more to each other. I’ve seen better communication and collaboration at our workplace.

Jeannette Collette  
Shediac Lobster