Frequently Asked Questions about
Skills Training Across Canada

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Q. What is Skills Training Across Canada (STAC)?
A. Skills Training Across Canada has been modelled on a previous pilot in Atlantic Canada that offered technical and social emotional training to hundreds of employees in that region’s workforce. Food Processing Skills Canada integrated the learnings from the Atlantic Canada pilot in the new Skills Training Across Canada which has received funding from Employment and Social Development Canada.
Q. Who is eligible to participate in the program?
A. All food and beverage industry employers in the following Canadian provinces are eligible: BC, AB, MB, SK, ON, NL, PEI, NB, and NS. A maximum employee participation of 20 individuals per company has been capped for the program.
Q. Who does the program train and why?
A. Employees that are supervisors or are on track to becoming supervisors can be registered for this online training and coaching program. Skills Training Across Canada was designed to raise the ‘skills bar’ for businesses in Canada.
Q. What is the cost to employers?
A. There is NO COST to employers for participating in the program.
Q. How long does the training take and what do participants learn?
A. Training is online and self-paced and takes approximately 90 days to complete including coaching and mentoring support. This does not include certification. For more information regarding the Production Supervisor Certification program please reach out to Tracy Biernacki-Dusza
A. Contact one of our Skills Training Across Canada team members here.
Q. I am a food and beverage manufacturing industry employer in a qualifying province in Canada. How do I apply?
A. The process is easy. Just follow this link to register
Q. How do I attend the Acahkos webinars?
A. You can register for Acahkos webinars through your employee dashboard.

A. Companies belonging to the Canadian food supply chain. View this page for more details

Q. How do I attend the Acahkos or the HR Coaching Moments sessions?

A. You must be an active participant to attend these sessions. Participants can register for their events on their employee dashboard.

Who can apply?

Any companies belonging to the Food Value Chain

– Food & Beverage Manufacturers
– Distributors
– Wholesalers
– Grocery Stores
– Industrial Caterers
– Suppliers
– Cannabis

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