Atlantic Canada’s top performing skills training program.

Atlantic Canada Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Welcome to Atlantic Canada’s top performing food & beverage skills training program.

Delivering Skills Training Atlantic Canada for manufacturing businesses and their employees has been an incredible journey since the program’s inception in 2020. Thank you from Food Processing Skills Canada and project partners for your participation!

If you are a food and beverage manufacturer in Atlantic Canada, of any size or type, you are invited to participate in Skills Training Atlantic Canada at no cost. This program has proven itself a success in providing skills training and coaching to hundreds of employees across the Atlantic region. The result has been more productive, resilient and rewarding workplaces for all individuals.

Our team provides competency-based, online training for 3 streams — New Hires & Seasonal Workers, Frontline Workers and Supervisors that is enjoyable, educational and fosters great team building!

Food Processing Skills Canada is excited to announce a new program designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturing businesses in Atlantic Canada.

We understand the current global environment is challenging, but we also appreciate the food and beverage manufacturing industry has never been more recognized. Businesses, employers and employees are essential to the health and wellness of Canadians.

With our partners in Atlantic Canada, we have launched a program to provide comprehensive skills training to employee teams in the region. Our training supports recovery from a challenging 2020 with a special curriculum to prepare your workforce for a successful 2021.

We are offering competency-based, online training for New Hires & Seasonal Workers, Frontline Workers and Supervisors.

Let us support your business with training for a more skilled, productive and resilient workforce.

96 %

of supervisors confirm that program participation has improved their job performance.

96 %

of participants said Acahkos training taught them to be a better co-worker.

94 %

of supervisors, frontline workers, and seasonal/new hires report that program training has increased their company’s productivity.

Benefits of Online & Competency-Based Training

  1. Learning essential skills is simplified
  2. Online training provides ‘job ready’ upskilling and reskilling of employees
  3. Decision making skills are improved though technical and social emotional learning training
  4. Teamwork is encouraged and rewarded
  5. Safety is enhanced and reinforced
  6. Quality control & accountability is assured
  7. Product speed to market is improved
  8. Workplace culture of continuous learning is support

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Interested in participating?

Working with us is easy. We start with our team boarding e-course I AM FOOD and then guide you through the online training program for either Supervisors, Frontline Workers or New Hires & Seasonal Workers. There is no cost for your company to participate in this program — Food Processing Skills Canada developed this program for food and beverage leaders in Atlantic Canada.