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A remarkable 1 in 8 Canadians are employed in the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry. When you think of businesses in this industry located across the country, think of the dedicated and skilled individuals that make certain food is produced with the highest safety and quality. It is easy to understand why Canada’s food and beverage sector is a leader around the globe.

At Food Processing Skills Canada, it is our job to support people with the best skills development and training. We focus on businesses by providing labour market analysis, funding support, e-learning and certification. And with our Learning & Recognition Framework – the first of its kind in Canada – curriculum, courses and accreditation are aligning.

Our thanks to the Future Skills Centre for supporting the Skills Training Atlantic Canada program and valuing the people of Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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The Learning and Recognition Framework & the Future of Training

This project will be the first systematic testing of a broad Learning and Recognition Framework (FPSC LRF) for the Canadian food and beverage processing industry. It will serve as the base study on understanding how to operationalize the Learning and Recognition Framework for an industry that is the largest manufacturing sector – 280,000 employees and $110 billion in annual GDP – active in all regions and with significant potential to grow in global markets.

Industry is evolving with the adoption of new technology, development of innovative products and an increased emphasis on food safety. Recent labour market information studies commissioned by Food Processing Skills Canada have identified serious labour shortages, skills gaps and the importance of developing future skills training to meet new industry demands.

To address current challenges, the Learning and Recognition Framework has been developed to validate job competencies and provide consistent performance metrics for the sector. The Skills Training Atlantic Canada program will test this framework as part of the curriculum delivery. Outcomes will benefit program participants, in addition to the broader industry in establishing standards.

Training is offered for three target groups in Atlantic Canada – New Hires & Seasonal Workers, Frontline Workers and Supervisors. Given the company commitment to the program, the Skills Training Atlantic Canada team will make certain to efficiently tailor the training format and length, and areas of focus.

The program has also incorporated a pre and post analysis with participants to evaluate the application of the Learning and Recognition Framework to the training curriculum. As a result of the competency-based training, it is expected that employees will benefit from improved job satisfaction, upgraded skills and new job responsibilities. For employers, benefits will include improved talent attraction, staff retention and productivity gains. This program is a win for companies, participants and the industry.

Skills Training Atlantic Canada Team

Jennefer Griffith, Food Processing Skills Canada Director

Deborah McGowan,
Skills Training Atlantic Canada Project Manager

Sheri Nicole,
Project specialist
Skills Training Atlantic Canada Regional Rep
Prince Edward Island

CYNTHIA PERRY, Food Processing Skills Canada regional rep atlantic

Skills Training Atlantic Canada regional rep
New Brunswick

JOSEPH CACCIOTTI, Food Processing Skills Canada elearning
& communications assistant

RAJA HATOUM, Emotional Intelligence coach


Food Processing Skills Canada Senior communications advisor

Our team includes individuals in Atlantic Canada and in Ottawa – the home of Food Processing Skills Canada.

We know the region and the industry in the Atlantic provinces and look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your interest – for more information please contact the program leads below.

Project Manager
Deborah McGowan

Project Specialist
Sheri Nicolle

Isabel Dopta

Project Funding

The Future Skills Centre is dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labour market.

The Future Skills Centre is a pan-Canadian initiative, connecting ideas and innovations generated across Canada so that employees and employers can succeed in the labour market, and to ensure that local, regional, and national economies thrive.

The Future Skills Centre aims to help all Canadians benefit from effective skills development, and seek to ensure an inclusive approach to supporting underserved groups such as women, youth, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, racialized peoples, LGBTQ2S+ peoples, persons with disabilities, veterans, and Canadians living in rural, remote, and Northern communities.

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